About Exit Strategy Summit

Who We Are

Exit Strategy Summit is a global summit for tertiary students, primarily aimed at bridging the gap between the lecture theatre and the job market. The summit seeks to train participants on career-relevant skills, build their capacity, and give them a sense of direction for their future. Started in 2006, the summit has impacted the lives of many young people across Africa and the world at large. The Summit is Africa’s Biggest Tertiary Campuses Career and Entrepreneurial Conference for Tertiary Students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop leadership among the youths of Africa and equip them with the necessary knowledge and tools needed in the corporate world and for their future.

Our Vision

To raise African corporate giants in all sectors of the Global Corporate world

Richmond Kwame Frimpong - Global Convener

The Problem

The average African tertiary student knows little about the relevance of his/her program to the corporate world.
The average African tertiary student has little or no sense of direction for her/his life, and the reason is there is no provision in the academic curriculum that teaches that.
The average African tertiary student has little or no knowledge about the financial universe and how to be financially independent. Again, this is not taught in schools.
Lastly, the average African tertiary student does not have additional skill requirements needed in the corporate world other than their degrees.

Our Solution

Exit Strategy Summit is the solution to the problems listed! The activities of Exit Strategy Summit are outlined strategically that participants are well equipped to face the demands of the corporate world after school, and even while in school. See our activities