Become A Campus Director

Organize Exit Strategy Summit in your university campus


Are you interested in organizing Exit Strategy Summit in your university campus?

As a Campus Director, your primary job would be to organize at least 1,500 students to attend Exit Strategy Summit on your campus.

Thrilling? Yes, being a Campus Director is an exciting, but not quite an easy journey that gives you a lot of experience! It requires hard-work and dedication, negotiation, communication and great leadership skills.


These are the benfits you enjoy being a campus director

  • Enhance your leadership and organizational skills
  • Become the face of a meaningful social change impact on your campus
  • You join a network of leaders globally
  • You would be graduated into the Exit Strategy Summit Alumni Fellowship after a successful event on your campus
  • In the Alumni Fellowship, you get internship opportunities and receive a lifetime mentorship.

Gallery of Organizing Team Members

Become A Campus Director

Become a Campus Director and be part of 100's of student that change other students lives by organizing Exit Strategy Summit in your university campus.