Event Packages

Strategic Presentations

We inform students on the current dynamics of the job market and prepare their minds to meet them. In this year, 2020, the theme was “The future of jobs and how to prepare”. Experts from various sectors are invited to present to the students the current demands of the corporate world, what to do, and how to meet them. Final year students who have ambitions to further their education are also informed on various scholarship prospects and how to access them. We put the students in groups and provide them relevant information regarding the programs of their choice.

CV Examination & Mock Interview

Many soft skills are not taught in the classroom. In Exit Strategy Summit, we train participants on career-relevant soft skills such as; how to prepare a CV, how to present oneself for an interview among others. We practically mock interview participants who pass our aptitude test as well

One-on-one career counselling session

Apart from the presentations on job prospects, speakers also make themselves available to meet some of the students one-on-one for counselling on their career path. The counselees are further put into mentorship groups and are assigned mentors.

Discounted Investment Packages

We believe in investment as a great tool for financial independence. Participants are therefore presented with investment opportunities at a discount rate.

Entrepreneurial Start-up Clinics

In our engagements with students over the years, we have realized how ingenious some students are. Students have great business ideas and ambitions and we guide them to become successful entrepreneurs.


We randomly share souvenirs ranging from customized notebooks, school bags, T-shirts and many more, to participants during our events.